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The new SIPLAST - Seminar folder

Well-organised seminar documentation!

The participants should feel comfortable, learn a lot and
recommend the seminar to others. That requires quality -
but this includes more than the seminar information!
Quality already begins with the right equipment.

The new seminar folder from SIPLAST is a perfect
companion through the seminar as well as afterwards.

These practical folders offer a comfortable and structured organisation...

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DICAPO Credit card holders

Bank card, credit card, customer cards of the hairdresser, bakery
and the favourite café, additionally a member card of a fitness
centre and the health insurance card - there is a big variety of
cards in wallets and purses of this world. Some of them are nearly bursting. But there is a solution for this!

Just offer a practical solution to your customers!

The new SIPLAST card holder DICAPO

It saves space, can be refined by a printing or debossing, protects
your card and offers many more...

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Our new SIPLAST - name badges

The All-Inclusive-Solution, simply because the fastener is already included.

Easy marking of the name badges with our prepared label sheets and templates.

Indispensable for presentations, fairs and similar events where people are getting together.

Various formats and fasteners are available upon request. Please ask our sales team! .

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"VADUZ" - Daten sicher auf Reisen

Optimal preserving, sending, transporting and archiving of CDs and DVDs. Thank of the provided seal you can easily lock the CD-case for sending by post.

Besides the provided standard label sheets you can design your personal CD - case with our template for MS Word and the blank inserts. Up to 2 CDs/DVDs suit in 1 CD - case.

For additional protection we offer a special CD fleece to put it between the CDs.

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Eine VISION: "Made in Germany"

Office-organisation made in Germany!

The Poly-file VISION offers a new and innovative Filing system.

Therefore, it combines the flexibility of presentation files and the functionality of Poly folders.

Loose and punched documents as well as an ID-card are becoming a unity for a perfect first impression.

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